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Our startup company is developing a blood test that can quickly recognize chronic lung, heart disorders and cancers in its early stages. Too commonly we see a situation where patients will come into the doctor with common, minor, symptoms such as fatigue or dizziness, that in reality are the early stage of much more serious conditions. Yet, despite their severity, it takes on average 2-4 years to properly diagnose these diseases, causing the doctor to often lose the opportunity to treat the disease while it’s still in its preliminary stages. To help doctors diagnose while the symptoms are still minor, we have developed a test that will use metabolites in the blood to identify what diseases are present with artificial intelligence (A.I.) help.

The AI will identify which disease is present through recognition of patterns in the patient’s metabolites to deliver a quick diagnosis to the doctor and patient. We have patented these patterns as “disease fingerprints” and are the first in the field to use such a novel approach.